The Complete Program to Lose Weight Naturally & Effortlessly


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“I would reach for snacks when I was feeling anxious. Now I make art.” – Will S.

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I guarantee I will put 100% of my effort towards you to help you achieve the body you want & feel in control!

My goal is to see you reach your goal and to give you the most effective process & the most efficient use of your time.

I promise to be with you until you lose the first 10lbs & feel completely in control.

For some people this might be 4 sessions.

I’ve also had clients who lost their first 10lbs in as little as 2 weeks!


The Body Transformation Program

in Session –

  • We create the mind/body connection

  • Identify & eliminate limiting beliefs

  • Identify & neutralize craving triggers/negative eating habits

  • Install self compassion & new self-image

  • We ingrain a new view & relationship with food so you’ll find yourself effortlessly reaching for more water & foods that nourish your body

  • Reset your metabolic rate back to perfect harmony

  • Install mindful eating habits

  • Instil the desire & motivation for movement

  • Reinforce your ultimate goal (this segment is recorded & deliver in .mp3 format for you to listen to nightly as as you naturally pass through hypnosis to aid you throughout your journey)

  • Learn quick State Breaker techniques that rewire the brain and instantly stop an emotional reaction or craving on the spot

Online –

  • Quiz: Learn Your Eating Type

  • Understand your specific eating type & gain tips on how to work with it

  • We examine your personal reasons for why you want to lose the weight

  • Description of State Breakers

  • Learn the vital importance of mood altering factors

  • Gain a thorough grasp of how food works in your body

  • Learn a simple and effective method for choosing your body’s fuel

  • Learn exactly how your brain effects the cells of your body and metabolism

  • Learn how to become more mindful of your thoughts & emotions (free mp3 download)

  • Gain an understanding of how motivation actually works

  • Learn how to eliminate procrastination instantly

  • Understand proper goal setting

  • Define your ultimate goal

  • Learn how to easily create new habits

  • Learn the crazy side-effects of exercise on the brain

  • & more!