Addictions & Habits


An addiction is you abandoning yourself.

When you feel negative emotion, you rush to escape yourself with a vice.



  • Smoking

  • Emotional Eating

  • Junk Food Cravings

  • Alchohol

  • Social Media

  • Shopping / Spending

  • Pornography

  • Drugs

  • Your Ex

  • Negative Self-Talk

  • Anxiety

*A vice is any coping mechanism you use to deal with stress, a negative emotion or uncertainty.

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I guarantee I will put 100% of my effort towards you to help you kick the addiction for good & feel in control!

My goal is to see you reach your goal and to give you the most effective process & the most efficient use of your time.

My clients get results in as little as 1–2 sessions.


Early Programming…

At a young age, when we felt negative emotion our caregivers either:

  • Tried to instantly change our emotions (invalidated your feelings).

  • Tried to leave until you felt better (abandoned you).

This taught us how we should deal with our emotions. 

  • Approval or validation was conditioned upon you feeling good, otherwise, you were bad.

  • Now, not only do we abandon ourselves (our emotions), but we harm ourselves because of being bad for having them.

On a Neurological Level…

Every time you felt a certain emotional trigger and indulged in a vice, you’ve successfully strengthened the neural pathway in your brain linking pleasure and relief to that vice. An addiction is just a habit. In a hypnotic state, we will put up roadblocks on those neural pathways and build new neural associations for more productive responses. 

Creating a habit might have taken years, but when you realize how this habit is no longer serving you & put up blocks, change can be done in an hour.

The Addiction Protocol

In Session –

  • We create the mind/body connection

  • We identify any limiting beliefs & neutralize them

  • We identify craving triggers & eliminate them

  • Install self compassion & new self-image

  • Program in your ideal self & routine

  • Learn quick State Breaker techniques that rewire the brain and instantly stop an emotional reaction or craving on the spot

Online Learning –

  • Understand the root cause of addiction

  • Learn the vital importance of certain mood altering factors

  • Learn how to become more mindful & in control of your thoughts & actions

  • Learn how motivation works on a neurological level

  • Learn how to properly create new habits & set yourself up for success

  • Description of State Breaker techniques