Policies & Referrals

Photo Shoot

If you refer 4 people who wish to work with me, you get a FREE Photo Shoot to showcase the new & improved you!

  • 1 Hour session.

  • Location of your choice.

  • Family & friends are welcome.

  • 2 Professionally edited, hi-resolution .jpgs

Cancellation Policy

I require at least 48 hours’ notice should you decide to cancel or change a session appointment.

  • Text message/email reminders will be sent out 48hours prior to your session.

  • In the event of a sudden medical or family emergency, I will understand if you are unable to provide sufficient notice.

  • If two scheduled sessions are missed without the required noticed, I hold the right to refuse any further sessions. Success Planning modules will continue to be available to you with no refund.


Your personal information can be accessed by myself, Jacie West, only.

It will never be shared by third parties, except in the following situations:

  • If a child is being harmed or neglected, or at risk of being harmed or neglected

  • If you are at risk of harming yourself or others

  • If I am required to by a court of law

General Tips

  • Please set your phone to silent before your session to ensure that your session is not disturbed.

  • It’s generally a good idea to use the washroom before your session.

  • If you wear contacts, please consider that you will have your eyes closed for the majority of your session.

  • Consider wearing loose-fitting clothing so that you can relax completely.

My Guarantee 

Much like any therapy modality, I can’t guarantee results simply because I have no control over your physical actions after you leave my office, but I can guarantee that I will put 100% of my efforts towards helping you acheive the change you desire.

My goal is to see you reach your goal, so if by the start of week 3 of the Body Transformation Program, you show me you’ve been following the plan we laid out together and you don’t believe it has benefited you in any way, I will refund you 50% of the program price.