What Actually Is Hypnotherapy?

What Actually Is Hypnotherapy?


What is hypnotherapy?

First off, let me give you guys an overview of what hypnosis actually is.

Long story short, hypnosis is a state of mind anyone can access where you are high suggestible because the conscious mind is pushed out of the way to allow open communication with the subconscious mind where all of our memories, perceptions, beliefs, habits and reactions reside.

Most people seek out hypnotherapy to change or work through one, or a variety of issues from addictions, phobias, anxiety, weight loss, pain management to even breaking the cycle of toxic relationships–anything to do with the mind can be altered with hypnotherapy.

Thought sparks the emotion, which ignites your actions, and then illuminates your destiny. But if we want to get more technical, the brain is a mathematical data processing machine–like a computer. Have you ever closed you eyes on hallusenegenics? Those patterns you see is a sequence of visual data your brain is processing

Our brains continue to try to associate and process traumas away our entire lives. And you might be thinking, “Well Jace, I don’t have any traumas. I had a good childhood.”

And to that I say, “LIAR!”

But in all honesty, its in my experience that the people who don’t tend to recall any traumatic moments in their childhood are the ones who have the longest receipts of suppressed emotions and memories.

To bring it back to Freud, even your mom weening you off of her breast too early can be a traumatic experience for an infant who only can conceptualize the world as “needs being met, needs not being met". When disaster occurs to a person at a vulnerable stage, usually before the ages of 7–say like being molested, or the moment you’re told your mom is moving out, or something even as simple as your parents brought home a baby sibling which changed your family dynamic. You usually never resolve that experience, and every experience you have from then on is trying to be associated and filed away relative to that trauma.

A lot of the time to function in the world, we’ll forget these experiences and push them out of the conscious brain and into the automatic processes on the subconscious level. Unfortunately they don’t go away, they’re not sitting in a trash-can somewhere, they’re active data.

When a child is traumatized, they become unconscious about the foundations of how they see the world. It effects how the child’s entire way of how they’ll trust other people and view the world as a hostile place for the rest of their lives. The most alarming part is, once it goes unconscious, it continues to produce meaningful coincidences in your life.

The trauma continues to replay in the environment around you.

You tweak your environment by the choices you make subconsciously to try to replay the events to finally resolve them. This is why you see people in the same destructive relationships over and over again–they’re trying to subconsciously figure out the formula and solve it.

Take this in; Your brain has more computational power than every computer on the planet wired together! You have 200 billion neurons, each one is about as powerful as a laptop, and they’re all connected to about 200 thousand others. So what you’re doing right now, just by processing what I’m saying, is a miracle!

Everything we experience is present moment. Every emotional wound, every memory.

Protein Kinase C set a memory, along with Adrenaline for traumata events. When you revisit a memory, no matter how strongly it's set, you edit it–every single time. That’s why memories change over time.

Memory is not a tape recorder, it’s all current, recalled, and reconstructed mathematical formulas that are active processes in the brain. You might recall a memory with friends and no one can agree to how it all went down, because no brain is a tape recorder, and every experience you have changes your memories, thus changes your perceptual filters, and trickles out to changing your emotions, thoughts, actions and life.

Every emotional reaction you have to an experience is filtered through similar experiences filed away in your brain to attach a meaning to it. If the meaning we’ve previously attached to these similar experiences is too much for us to deal with like, “I’m not enough”, “I can’t do anything right”, “I am not safe”, I am unlovable”, then we deflect, we disassociate from it, we distract ourselves, and further suppress it to the subconscious.

The environment might be objectively “real” but every person’s experience of the reality is different. It all has to get processed through the mathematical equations of the brain and go through referential filters of the past to compute something even as simple as a colour!

We are all technically looking at the same thing, but we all see differently.

What’s even more crazy is that we’re constantly removing and enhancing details of our environment as the data computes through our brain and goes through these filters. That’s why in a deep trance hypnotists can make you see or not see something that is actually there.

When you have open communication with the subconscious, you can alter perceptual filters. So when you’re looking at a person, you’re only seeing a limited version of them based on your filtered perception which is all constructed of self-referential data. So when you hate someone or judge them, what you’re judging is your internal image of them. You’re literally attacking and rejecting part of your neurology.

It’s the best excuse to be compassionate because, sadly, what you’re judging is undeniably yourself.

Consciousness is just matter intertwined with energy. Therefore, everything is consciousness, and everything is connected. We might think we’re different or smarter than another but that’s just our brains talking. We really are just self-referential computer loops. And sometimes it honestly takes help locating and changing that one program that's running in the background, making all the active programs you're trying to run, fail.

So, long story long–that’s hypnotherapy.

And that’s what I do.

If you’re interested in hearing more about hypnosis, self help techniques and more cool things about the mind because well, you’re smart and you like smart things, then stick around!

Also, comment down below if you’ve ever had hypnotherapy or are curious to experience it–and for what.

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