Jacie West, CH

Life is about the journey,

not the destination.

I was once 310lbs. I’ve battled with eating disorders, crippling self-esteem issues, substance abuse, and won.

Like many people in the mental health field, I started off my pursuit to try and “fix myself”. Countless weight loss programs, diets, happy pills, life coaches, therapists, mantras, affirmations, and nothing stuck. I even decided to take the plunge and study psychology at University, thinking–if I can’t find the right information on my own, it must be highly covert and stashed away in these buildings of books!

During my study at York University, I learned invaluable information about personality structure, statistics, neurobiology, and the multiple, obnoxiously, systematic understandings of the human mind. I could ramble off an archive of studies and statistics to validate why someone is how they are, but next to nothing concrete at how to fundamentally change that.

Then I came across an interesting footnote when reading about brainwave frequencies. It was a very generalized statement about “hypnosis” and where it falls on the spectrum. It didn’t boast about any common hypnotic claims, but it didn’t discredit them either. I decided to do my own research. I quickly realized that asking professors was no help as they were just as sparsely informed on the topic as the textbooks were. A personal case-study would have to do.

I invested in myself and purchased a hypnosis weight-loss program. I walked in with excess weight and finished with a slimmer body, a desire to move, and a general excitement for life! I was astounded! Years of negative thought patterns and destructive habits seemed to vanish or no longer be a challenge.

I needed to know exactly how this worked.

By studying under some of the greatest hypnotists of our day, Debbie Papadakis (Hypno-Healing Institute, Oprah Magazine) and Mike Mandel (Mike Mandel Hypnosis), I became a Certified Hypnotist through the National Guild of Hypnotists in 2016, and finally understood exactly how the brain discovers, learns and re-encodes beliefs, habits and events.

Soon after, I opened up my own practice and have helped people all over the world tackling all issues that result from the brain to weight control, cravings, addictions, anxieties, crippling self-esteem and healing from toxic relationships, with a combination of simple techniques and hypnotherapy.