Rewiring Brains to Lose weight & Eliminate Addictions.


Belief ➩ Identity ➩ Physiology ➩ Emotion ➩ Thought ➩ Action

Every belief, perception, action & reaction is just a habit in the brain.

In hypnosis, we can rewire your neural–pathways for success.

You’ve probably heard of ‘developing self-discipline’ and ‘positive affirmations’ for lasting change. These tactics do work after consistent repetition because the brain loves creating habits and resorting to what is familiar–but that’s going about change the hard way. Those techniques are treating the symptoms and not the cause.

If your unconscious beliefs about the situation and your ingrained identity are not both in harmony, there is little hope that you will always be in the right emotional state to even remember your mantra, find solutions or be inspired to take the right action.

With hypnosis, we tackle your issues from the ground up. We rewire those unconscious beliefs, rediscover your identity, and the rest becomes effortless.


Who is Jacie?

I was once 310lbs. I’ve battled with eating disorders, crippling self-esteem issues, substance abuse, and won. Like many people in the mental health field, I started off my pursuit to try and “fix myself”…

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How Does Hypnosis Work?

The brain learns in 2 ways: when you’re in a theta brain frequency state (hypnosis) and through practice & repetition. From birth to 7 years old, your brain is only operating in a theta frequency…

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Common Questions

What if I can’t be hypnotized? Is hypnosis dangerous? Can you make me do or say things against my will? Isn’t this just all a party trick? What about hypnosis shows?… 

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Weight Loss

Rewiring brains to effortlessly lose weight, eliminate emotional eating & rediscover true self-confidence.


“I thought I was destined to be a fat girl my whole life. I Got my life back!”

— Alexandra R.


Addictions & Anxieties

An addiction is you abandoning yourself. When you feel negative emotion, you rush to escape yourself with a vice. A vice can be a smoke, a person, a donut, or even a destructive thought pattern; anything that brings you temporary relief or an excuse to indulge. The more you reach for the vice, the stronger the habit becomes.

We can rewire those neural-pathways in as little as one session to neutralize the triggers, install new, more productive reactions, save you money, and be free of the toxic habit for good.

“I was a smoker for over 20 years and I didn’t think I could change if my wife didn’t quit with me. The craving crusher techniques alone were worth the price! I’m happy to report I haven’t touched a smoke in over 6 months.”

- Gary Z.